Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for all the support you have been showing me in my journey of discerning my vocation at Conception Seminary College. Thank you so much for this great support coming from so many, including my loving family and the amazing people at my parish; along with the countless others who I have been graced with knowing in my life and built relationships and complete strangers. This support could be in the way of prayers, financial support, charity of the heart, or maybe a great conversation or sharing of one’s personal encounter with God. However, I feel that I could have been doing a better job with keeping everyone up-to-date with my day-to-day. So, starting this year, I will be starting this blog and asking Sarah to post new updates monthly to the Facebook group with a paragraph or two with what happened with myself or major things that are happening at Conception. I will continue to try to reply to as many things that are sent to me in the mail as time permits, (Thank you all for the letters, keep them coming!) but this should serve as an update on the more general things happening with me.

On top of this, I will try to add a few blogs on here when time permits about a various number of topics! It could be just a journal from a great day, something that was really interesting, or a number of other things. Being a seminarian, most will likely involve something spiritual or my spiritual life, however this doesn’t mean that all posts will. The goal is to only post the monthly updates on the Facebook group, but if you feel like you would like to read more please feel free to follow the blog!